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The oldest kept letter in Sweden dates from 1164 and tells about the area around Wenngarn, through the centuries, the Vasa dynasty, statesmen, knights and councilors have lived and ruled in Wenngarn. Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie's magical castles and picturesque baroque park are some of the gems of a place where a community once was built during the 1900s, becoming Sweden's first institution to treat alcohol addiction.

Wenngarn is today a vibrant village community adapted to human needs and conditions. A magical place with 1000-year-old history. A vibrant society where transparency and participation are the keywords. Wenngarn welcomes residents, business owners and visitors who want to meet, develop and be inspired.


Wenngarn Castle - Sweden's most accessible castle?

Wenngarn, which is located next to Garnsviken in Mälaren, is portrayed in early historical sources. Sweden's oldest kept letter from 1164 tells a story about the land area of Wenngarn, and the adjacent Sigtuna is Sweden's first capital founded around 970 A.D.

Wenngarn has, during a period of a 1000 years, constantly been changing from large estates to a community house, a venue where people gather for different events. A place for interesting encounters where everyone is welcome! 

Wenngarn Castle is open to everyone, every day of the week.


Wenngarn is a 1000-year-old venue for meetings, only a few minutes from Sigtuna and Stockholm Arlanda. A magical place with a unique environment and facilities for your meetings, conferences or events. We offer services that range from organizing small business meetings to large meetings and events with 500 people. There is of course access to free WIFI throughout the area.

Call or email your request: 08-59 92 93 32


The castle is the centre point of Wenngarn. The castle and the café are open every day. A place for recreation and an opportunity to feel the tide of history.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 to 18:00
Weekends 11:00 to 18:00 | 08-59 92 93 36

Traditional Swedish cuisine combined with ingredients from the castle's own garden. From the castle's kitchen garden, where fruit and vegetables have been growing for centuries, we find all of our primeurs.

Opening hours
Lunch - We serve only conference or business lunch through advance booking, no drop-in available
Dinner - Every day upon request | 08-59 92 93 34


Outdoor gym and a top-of-the-line sports centre at the Concrete Factory.

Opening hours 05: 00-22: 00

Staffed hours 
Mon - Fri: 10:00 to 18:00 | 08-59 92 93 37


There is freshly baked bread, birthday cakes and pasteries for all occasions. You can pop by the farm store for grocery shopping.

Opening hours
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Sunday 8:00 to 4:00 p.m.

In a beautiful century old building which used to be an instituion, we have created multiple, different accommodations in a historic setting. Accommodation packages with activities and dinner for private guests. Conference rooms and accommodation for groups and companies.

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. | 08-59 92 93 30


Wenngarn is a small village community with 400 residents outside of Sigtuna. It is built around a magnificent baroque castle. Still to this day, the community revolves around the castle and its surroundings, just like in the Middle Ages. It is an accessible castle and both the castle and the park have been adapted to the modern way of life. We welcome residents, business owners and visitors who want to meet, develop or simply find a tranquil place for recreation.

We have rental apartments, condominiums and customized home solutions.

There are nurseries, a business center, a "village castle" and restaurants and hotels for all our residents and visitors.

At Wenngarn we offer a wide variety of housing, rental apartments and villas. Would you like to live in a unique 1000-year-old historical enviroment? Contact us at


Address: Wenngarns Slott 193 91 Sigtuna
GPS Coordinates: 59.648772, 17.719628

There is bus transfer from Uppsala, Knivsta, Arlanda Airport and Stockholm to Wenngarn. Both bus UL 183 and SL 579 stops at "Venngarnsvägen".

Free transfer from "Venngarnsvägen" bus stop (contact us for current timetable)

From Märsta there are bicycle lanes to Sigtuna Town and from there you can enjoy a scenic bicycle lane through the village of Viby and Sigtuna Golf Course.


Wenngarn, Tornespel 2015




Hitta hit

Wenngarns läge

Adress: Wenngarns slott 193 91 Sigtuna
Se vägbeskrivning här
GPS koordinater: 59.648772, 17.719628

Det går bra att åka kommunalt från Uppsala, Knivsta, Arlanda och Stockholm.
Både buss UL 183 och SL 579 stannar vid hållplatsen Venngarnsvägen

Cykel eller till fots
Från Märsta finns det cykelvägar till Sigtuna Stad och därifrån en naturskön cykelväg genom Viby by och Sigtuna golfbana.